Plano editor walks into plane propeller


by JONATHAN BETZ & Associated Press Reports

WFAA & Associated Press

Posted on December 5, 2011 at 10:45 AM

Updated Tuesday, Dec 6 at 2:23 PM

DALLAS - Known for her striking looks, Lauren Scruggs will likely never look the same again.

Yet her parents are grateful she's alive.

"I asked her if she could hear me, to squeeze my hand," said her father, Jeff Scruggs, through tears. "And she did. And she's even responding more today."

The Plano woman lost her hand after walking into the propeller of a small airplane following a flight to view Christmas lights.

A spokeswoman at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas said Scruggs, 23, was in serious condition Monday. She's founder and editor of LoLo Magazine, an online fashion magazine.

The Federal Aviation Administration said the accident happened Saturday night at a private airport in the McKinney area, about 30 miles northeast of Dallas.

The plane had landed and the pilot was switching passengers.

"It was dark and we're thinking that Lauren came back to thank the pilot, and she didn't see that the propeller was winding down," said Janee Harrell, a family friend.

The family doesn't blame the pilot, but others were shocked he left the propeller running.

"Generally speaking, when you carry passengers or even when I'm flying [alone] I wait for the propeller to stop before I exit the aircraft," said pilot BJ Boyle.

Harrell said the propeller blade severed Scrugg's left hand, as well as damaging her brain and an eye.

The family is relying on their faith.

"We know that Lauren will soar because of this," her mother said. "And she was hit by a propeller, but she will be propelled to do God's work."