Swollen Timber Creek floods out families in Lewisville




Posted on September 8, 2010 at 4:41 PM

Updated Wednesday, Sep 8 at 4:41 PM

LEWISVILLE - Some Lewisville homeowners will have to find somewhere to stay, after their homes were flooded out.  The normally docile Timber Creek overflowed from its banks, causing major problems in the nearby neighborhood. 

Timber Creek has been out of its banks before.  But this is the first time in ten years, the water got inside homes.

Roger and Bridgett Hedrick's daughter and grandchild were inside their house when Timber Creek's waters began rising. They told her to call 911. 

"We just rushed home, she was standing on the front porch with the baby and the dog. So we had to help her across the water. It was already up to the porch," said Hedrick.

The water kept rising. By the time the Hedricks went inside to survey the damage, the water was four feet high on the bottom floor of their house. 

"It looks like the Titanic movie. Everything's floating around, you know, about chest-high inside now," said Roger Hedrick.

When Lori Deitchman drove up to her house, water was already rushing into her house. She parked about 50 yards away on Timber Creek Drive. 

"My car is parked in the street up there. It wasn't underwater when I came," said Deitchman. 

But in minutes, it was in the path of the raging flood waters.  Members of the Carrollton Swift Water Rescue Team set up ropes and used an inflatable boat to rescue Deitchman.  "It's OK. As long as they're OK, it's good. Stuff is replaceable. So it's alright," said Deitchman.

Lewisville fire officials say 10 homes in the Timber Creek neighborhood were affected by flooding.  

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