Survivor recalls 1994 fall at the Ballpark




Posted on July 7, 2010 at 7:38 PM

Updated Thursday, Jul 8 at 12:00 AM

ROWLETT — Hollye Minter survived a plunge from the stands on opening day at the Ballpark in Arlington 16 years ago.

Tuesday's news of a man who fell from an upper deck gave her a jolt.

Minter said her unintentional plunge happened very quickly.

"I was having my picture made with the Ballpark behind me," she recalled. "To the best of my memory, I had my hand on the rail and someone called my name from the top of the Home Run Porch, and I looked up and just fell backwards and landed on a chair."

Minter woke up at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas with two fractured vertebrae, two broken ribs, six broken teeth, and injuries to her shoulder and leg.

She said her first thoughts after learning about the fall of Tyler Morris on Tuesday night was like everyone at the stadium; she was in shock. "I had chills, and just all brought back a ton of memories."

Minter said she has great sympathy for Morris and his family. "Oh, you just start praying for this man, for his family, for the doctors, the paramedics, the ballpark personnel...  you just start praying," she said. 

After Minter's accident, the Rangers raised the railing on the Home Run Porch in right field, but she thinks the team could have done more. "I would think you would want to raise the rails all over the ballpark for safety sake," she said. 

Minter's injuries healed long ago, but the effect of her fall has changed her outlook on life forever. "You prioritize your life and you pick your battles," she said. "Things aren't' that big of a deal any more."