Secessionist says Texas independence 'inevitable'

Texas Nationalist Movement

Credit: WFAA

"Enough is enough," said Cary Wise of the Texas Nationalist Movement at a meeting in Frisco Tuesday night. He said Texas independence is "inevitable."




Posted on November 13, 2012 at 11:05 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 14 at 4:08 AM

FRISCO — A movement to make Texas its own nation has been organized for about a decade-and-a-half, but it's never seen thus much interest.

The Texas Nationalist Movement usually gets about 100,000 hits on its website in a month. Since the election one week ago, Membership Director Cary Wise said the site has seen five times that number.

"Right now we are finding the founding fathers and mothers of a new Republic of Texas," Wise told a packed house in Frisco Tuesday night.

It was to have been the introductory meeting of Wise's new Collin County chapter. He expected a handful — and got a room full. About 70 people attended the meeting.

Wise said the election and the petition filed on the White House website are stirring up unprecedented interest in secession.

Amy Robison lives in Dallas, was born in Dallas, and splits her time between Texas and New Mexico, where her husband is a surgeon.

"I'd be happy to move his practice here if Texas seceded," she said. "This is real. As we all grew up as little American children, we were taught Texas was capable of seceding. We all kept that in the back of our minds that if we ever needed to escape, this is where we'd come."

There was serious discussion at Wise's meeting about how to make it happen.

People asked about creating a Texas military, a monetary system, and whether Social Security benefits would still be received.

"We're not gonna start a revolution; we're not gonna go shoot anybody," Wise said. "We're gonna politically and peacefully, through the pressure of the sovereign people of the State of Texas, we will change this. People ask if Texas independence will really happen. Folks, it is inevitable."