Sanders court battle continues for third day




Posted on May 7, 2012 at 3:28 PM

NFL great Deion Sanders testified in his own defense Monday as his divorce case against his estranged wife Pilar plays out in a very public setting.

A Collin County judge is hearing evidence from the two as he considers the couple's dueling requests for protective orders.
The most compelling evidence the judge is hearing stems from the couple's fight at their Prosper mansion April 23.

Deion testified Monday morning and said he never hit or choked Pilar. He said he never raised his voice when she came into his bedroom that day wanting to see their 10-year-old son face-to-face.

Deion testified that Pilar kept yelling at him and then "leaped" at him and he pinned her arms to her side with her back against his chest and carried her out of his bedroom as she kicked and tried to bite him.

Deion went on to say Pilar knocked over a statue when he put her down in the hallway.
Deion's attorneys played a one minute audio recording taken from his iPhone. In it, Deion is heard saying repeatedly "please get out of my bedroom". Pilar is heard saying to her son, "please, come here honey."
In cross-examination, Pilar's attorneys then played the audio recording from Pilar's iPhone which lasted at least eight minutes, including what was heard on Deion's phone and more.
In the recording, the argument got heated as Deion is heard  yelling loudly and Pilar refused to leave, still wanted to speak to her son who is reportedly standing in a walk in closet behind Deion. Pilar and Deion are heard raising their voices and Pilar is heard screaming. That is followed by shuffling, loud bangs and then Deion yelling "get out of my house."
The audio recording also captures police responding to the home that afternoon. An officer is heard saying "there's blood" and Pilar said what sounded like "it's mine."
Pilar is expected to testify in the afternoon in the 366th Judicial Court at the Collin County Courthouse.
The judge said he will meet with the couple's three children, two boys and a girl ages 12, 10 and 8-years-old.

The judge said he will base his decision on the protective order requests based on what he believes is in the best interest of the children.
The representative for the three children told the judge in opening statements, at the very least; Deion and Pilar must be separated immediately, even as their divorce proceedings continue. As he told the judge, the Sanders' children are suffering emotionally and in school as their parents  now volatile relationship  has turned the family home into what he called a "combat zone."