Richardson police confirm bystander was shot by DART officer

DART shooting

Credit: WFAA

Investigators worked late into the night looking for evidence at the Arapaho Center Station.




Posted on September 21, 2012 at 1:08 PM

Updated Friday, Sep 21 at 3:02 PM

RICHARDSON - Months after a fatal exchange of gunfire at a Richardson DART station, authorities revealed that a bystander wounded in the incident was shot by a DART police officer.

Two men waiting for a DART train at the Arapaho Station on February 7 were shot when 27-year-old Corey Jones and Officer Nikisha Manderson exchanged gunfire.

Russell Weinstein was shot in the shoulder by Manderson as she returned fire at Jones, said Kevin Perlich, a Richardson Police Department spokesman. The spokesman said 42-year-old Eric Johnson, another bystander, was fatally wounded by gunfire from Jones.

While Weinstein told the media he was shot by a DART officer, Richardson police said they withheld the information until a Dallas County grand jury could hear the case.

Authorities said the incident began when Manderson was contacted by a bus driver who said Jones was attempting to use an outdated pass to board a bus. After an argument with Jones, the driver followed him to a light rail platform across the street, where Officer Manderson met the two and asked to inspect the pass.

A report indicated Jones responded by aiming a gun at the officer's heart. Manderson was wearing a bulletproof vest and was wounded in the shoulder.

The officer returned fire, hitting Weinstein in the shoulder. Police said Johnson was killed by shots fired from Jones.

Jones fled the scene and fatally shot himself at a nearby warehouse, police said.