Plano man behind explosives probe shared mistrust of government




Posted on June 22, 2012 at 3:32 PM

Updated Saturday, Jun 23 at 4:53 PM

Bomb squad investigation

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PLANO - The man who federal agents believe detonated a homemade bomb in a Plano neighborhood had a deep mistrust for the U.S. government.

In his writings, he often talked of corruption involving the IRS, the Federal Reserve and U.S. presidents.

"It's not just the IRS," said Anson Chi in a 2007 online radio interview. "It's also the government and the federal reserve. It's everything tied together, and they're all working as one. And so, you can't just attack one part of the dragon, you've got to attack the whole dragon and slay the head off."

Chi's Facebook and MySpace pages are filled with political cartoons, gag photos and anti-Obama messages. Born and raised in New York City, the 33-year-old Chi describes himself as an author, politician, model, activist and retired engineer. He received a business degree from UT-Dallas.

He also had troubles with the law. San Angelo, Texas Police arrested him for theft in 1998. 10 years later, he had a concealed weapon conviction in California. He became a fugitive in 2009, when he violated probation in Texas by not identifying himself to police.

Chi is recovering from serious injuries police suspect he endured while attempting to detonate an explosive in Plano. He is charged with possessing an explosive device.

Described by neighbors as 'glum' and a 'spooky recluse,' Chi now awaits his first court appearance before a Collin County Judge Monday morning.
However, the Monday hearing has nothing to do with the alleged bombing. Instead, a judge will address Chi's misdemeanor charge of failure to identify as a fugitive.
Chi's problems began back in 2008 when he was sentenced to three years probation in Orange County, California on a weapons charge. In 2009, Chi violated the order, resulting in a warrant for his arrest. 

By 2012, Chi was living with his parents in their Plano home on Anchor Drive. But in April of 2012, he was arrested in Collin County for failure to identify himself as a fugitive. His hearing was set for June 25.
In the meantime, Chi was free to roam the streets, until Monday, when investigators found him badly injured near a gas line in the 3600 block of West Parker Road. Police said they believe he was injured while attempting to detonate a homemade explosive.
Thursday, FBI agents returned to Chi's parents home for a second time, removing more canisters and containers. Technicians removed at least one explosive device, which was later detonated in rural Kaufman County.
News 8 learned Chi published a 2008 e-book titled "Yellow on the Inside, Shame on the Outside,"  where he discussed his frustrations with his parents, threatened to kill himself and admits he needs counseling. He claims it's fiction, but based partially on his life.

He calls himself a "former Asian." He wrote: "I renounce my ethnicity (Chinese) because I do not like the egregiously selfish and deplorable culture."

Chi also posted an online tirade on YouTube, ranting against the government, physically ripping apart a federal income tax form and swearing. Chi often said there is no law requiring average American citizens to pay income tax.

"I will not file, nor will I pay a single penny in income tax until I see the law," Chi said in the video.

He backed Libertarian causes and described himself as a campaign director and contributor to Ron Paul's presidential campaigns.