Permit issues for 'Occupy Dallas'




Posted on October 12, 2011 at 12:57 PM

Updated Wednesday, Oct 12 at 1:07 PM

DALLAS -- Pioneer Plaza in downtown Dallas looked like a campsite on Wednesday, where demonstrators with Occupy Dallas rode out the morning's rain in pup tents.

Nearly three dozen still stand, despite the group's non-compliance with the city of Dallas's demand for a $1 million worth of insurance.
Despite the group's failure to meet Tuesday night's deadline, Dallas police have yet to make a single arrest. A spokesperson for the city of Dallas said that as because the city is trying to work through this issue peacefully.
Frank Librio, a spokesperson for the city of Dallas issued a statement:

"The city of Dallas is working to balance the demonstrators’ first amendment rights with the city's responsibility to protect the well-being of the participants, citizens and ensure the public property is protected from damage."
Demonstrator Tiffany White is an unemployed mom of two sons who have spent two nights at the protest grounds.  

She is one of many who thought, so far, the city has acted in good faith.
Meanwhile, the attorney representing Occupy Dallas, Cameron Gray said in a statement:

"We are looking to protect the greater constitutional rights of demonstrators to assemble and express themselves through free speech."
He is hoping to meet with a federal judge Wednesday afternoon to ask for a temporary restraining order against the city of Dallas to ensure no one is arrested. He also wanted to ask the judge to establish some ground rules so both the city of Dallas and demonstrators are satisfied. He said that means working through issues like sanitation and trash issues that arise as the demonstration stretches into days.
As Gray explained, it is all about establishing that fine line between when a demonstration on public property becomes a camp out.