Fort Worth parkway construction causing erosion



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Posted on June 12, 2012 at 10:45 PM

FORT WORTH — The Southwest Parkway, or Chisholm Trail, will connect Fort Worth with Cleburne. But right now, it's disconnecting some homeowners from their property.

"I said this is going to be a problem, because they don't have anything there to protect the soil. There's nothing on the other side," said Conly Brewer, pointing to the ground disappearing beneath his backyard fence.

Brewer can't understand why no retaining wall was built to hold his yard in place. Crews are building a highway sound wall right behind his house on Stockton Drive, just a few feet beyond his sagging fence.

Workers propped up his fence with 2x4s, but other fences are just falling down.

"Can't let the kids out because it's obviously too dangerous for them to get out here and play," Brewer said. "Can't let the dog out. I don't know the liability I'd face if she gets out and hurts somebody."

The contractor told Brewer it alerted the North Texas Tollway Authority about the erosion, but was instructed to keep digging.

After News 8 contacted the NTTA, the authority promised Brewer it would fix the problem. A spokesman for the agency told us he can't say exactly how or when it will be made right... only that it will be made right as soon as possible.

"My problem is, fix it and do it right and I go away... this is over," Brewer promised.

Residents hope it doesn't take too long. With each new rain, they lose more ground — literally.