Resident says she warned city of road before fatal crash into church



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Posted on May 9, 2014 at 3:55 PM

Updated Friday, May 9 at 11:11 PM

DALLAS — A car careened off the road and ended up lodged in the side of a church Friday afternoon in the 2900 block of Cedardale Road, killing the driver inside.

According to Jason Evans, a spokesman with Dallas Fire-Rescue, the grey sedan first hit a utility pole before plowing through a fence, hitting an embankment, and rolling several times before coming to rest in the side of New Mt. Olive Baptist Church.

Police said the driver, a man likely in his 30s, was going too fast and couldn't negotiate the curve on Cedardale before he lost control. The speed limit in the area is 35 miles per hours, and police say they believe the driver was traveling far faster than that.

As out-of-the-ordinary as it seemed, Veronica Castillo said it was bound to happen.

“I have pleaded,” she said. “I have called repeatedly - not only once, but several times - to please have something done.”

The road curves sharply as you go past the church and Castillo's yard, where her daughter Melissa is usually shooting hoops after school. After striking the utility pole, the car went through the same fence Castillo's husband just recently finished building to make the yard more secure.

She said people frequently disregard the posted speed limit.

“I’m afraid for my loved ones,” Castillo said. “Just as this incident that occurred, God forbid my daughters are out in the yard! Something needs to be done.”

Mable Bonner's husband is the pastor of New Mt. Olive. She said they've had close calls before, but usually someone only hits a utility pole and no one had been killed, until Friday.

“We’re just glad that it was through the week, since it did happen,” she said. “But luckily it didn’t happen on a Sunday, where anyone else could get hurt because we could have all been in the church.”

The victim has not been identified.

“Someone’s loved one is not coming home,” Castillo said. “And I live here. I’m in this situation daily. Who do I need to speak to? Where do I need to be for something to be done?"

While she believes this accident was bound to happen, she doesn't want it to ever happen again.