Occupy Dallas decides not to temporarily shut down camp



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Posted on November 3, 2011 at 11:23 PM

DALLAS - The Occupy Dallas organizers say they have decided to remain where they are camped.

They had considered temporarily shutting down the camp until Monday, as they have become increasingly concerned that their camp is being invaded by criminals and the homeless who don't necessarily share their message.

The attorney for Occupy Dallas went before the Dallas city council this week wanting police to do more to keep the homeless out.

But since their camp is on public property, they can't really make any demands.

However, extra officers from the Dallas police and the city's crisis intervention team came out Thursday night to make sure there were no problems and to address any concerns.

Earlier in the day, an 11-month-old child was taken from the camp by Child Protective Services because they already had an existing case.

The crisis intervention team, made up of councilors and pastors, looked through the camp to be sure there were no other infants or children at the site who would need a warm shelter.

No other children were found in the camp.

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