Plano police: Case closed on woman's disappearance




Posted on June 25, 2012 at 5:00 PM

Updated Monday, Jun 25 at 7:41 PM

PLANO — It was the story that fascinated us all, and worried a community over the weekend: Where was Janice Klein, a Plano mom who simply vanished from her home?

She is now back home, but the mystery remains.

Where was she?

The answer that could come down to one clue: A piece of paper in her pocket.

Janice Klein's disappearance is still a mystery. Her husband said their family is focusing on having her home — not why she left.

And Plano police say as far as they're concerned, the case is now closed.

"It's just like she vanished," said Brian Scheibmeir, a family friend. "And now she's back. So now there's a mystery. Missing 56 hours to be solved. So where was she? We'll wait with the rest of the world to figure that out."

Scheibmeir was among the hundreds who volunteered to search for Klein over the weekend. He concedes that the questions surrounding her disappearance may not be answered — now or ever.

"I didn't grill her when I met her, said Rob Klein, Janice Klein's husband. "I just held on to her. I think the pieces might come back in bits and pieces. And we'll take it as it comes."

Plano police say they don't know how she got out of Plano or made the 25-mile journey to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, where she was found in a bathroom on Sunday evening, dehydrated and disoriented.

And since the missing person has been found, the police investigation is over and the case is closed.

"Even though we may be curious about it, we have to respect their privacy,” said Plano police spokesman David Tilley. "And that's what we're doing."

Klein identified herself to airport police as someone else, adding to the mystery.

"I know I found a train ticket in her pocket,” Mr. Klein said. "How she got there and how she ended up at D/FW, I don't know."

Rob Klein said his wife has suffered migraine headaches, but nothing like this had ever happened before.

"We’ll try to go back to normal and remember what it was like Thursday and Friday morning before all this got started," he said.

And while it has left her family, friends and community puzzled, this three-day mystery may never be solved.