Grieving mom on hit-and-run driver: 'I pray for them'



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Posted on January 26, 2013 at 7:00 PM

Updated Thursday, Dec 5 at 1:59 PM

Hit-and-run fatality

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GRAND PRAIRIE — Lauren Raidy-Brooks, the mother of a little boy who died in a hit-and-run accident in Grand Prairie said she is in disbelief over what happened Thursday night.

“We were laughing and giggling and waited for the light to change," she remembered.

Raidy-Brooks had taken her six-year-old son John and her two-year-old daughter Lilly to get candy. They were walking across the intersection at North Carrier Parkway and Holiday Hills; John was in front.

"He got a few steps out in front of me, and the car honked at us, and then kept going," Raidy-Brooks said through tears. "He ran the red light, and all I heard was the sound... and then I saw my son."

Police said the driver carried the little boy on the hood of the vehicle for 300 feet and then stopped.

The injured child fell off the car.

"He stopped because my son was still on the car."

Raidy-Brooks said she ran after the vehicle, then watched in horror as the driver sped away without stopping to help.

Surveillance video shows a dark four-door hatchback or sport utility vehicle leaving the area.

"As I realized they were driving off. I tried so hard... so hard... to get something on the car to stick out," Raidy-Brooks said. "And all I could think about was that my son wasn't moving."

She said people around her ran to help.

"This wonderful, wonderful person gave [John] CPR, and she got his heart going again," Raidy-Brooks said.

John was taken to the hospital in time to harvest and donate his organs. His family has raised $10,000 in reward money to help catch the person who did this.

“I pray for them; I pray for them because I know they have to live the rest of their lives knowing what they did, but pray they grow a conscience and turn themselves in for what they did to that precious baby," Raidy-Brooks said.

Police have made no arrests in this case. Investigators hope a surveillance video showing the suspect's car will lead them to the driver. The car will have damage to the front bumper and hood.

John Raidy’s funeral will be on Wednesday.