McCaa Uncut: Student suicides



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Posted on April 1, 2011 at 9:05 PM


If there were any doubts about the seriousness of the problems facing young people, they should have been erased Thursday by what we saw unfold in Lake Dallas.

A middle school student tried to take his own life in school. He will recover.

Already this school year, two Lake Dallas high school students committed suicide. We're not sure of the reasons in any of these cases yet. We do know that last year, a nine-year-old in a different district hanged himself at school. He had been bullied.

I can't imagine the sense of hopelessness that led to such a desperate and wrong decision. Wrong because no youngster — no matter where they live, no matter what the problem — faces a difficulty which someone else has not experienced before.

Yes, you feel all alone... believe your troubles are unsolvable... and a lot adults tell you to "toughen up." When they were young, they were bullied, and it didn't hurt them.

Well, their bullying stopped when got home. Now bullies follow you right into the house and unleash the same threats via computer texting.

Do people care? Ask the heartbroken parents of Montana Lance, the nine-year-old who took his own life. I'm sure friends of those Lake Dallas students who died would have a thing or two to say about that.

If you are in pain inside, don't let it stay inside.

If you are being bullied, it's not tattling to tell someone.

Those are my thoughts; tell me yours.