Library books tossed in Arlington dumpster



Posted on April 16, 2010 at 6:24 PM

ARLINGTON - In a dumpster off Division Street in Arlington, a pile of books were found dumped.

Many of the books were from the Arlington City Library, and the man who discovered them said he was outraged.
“I would much rather see books stamped with the "City of Arlington" be donated rather than thrown away," said the man, who did not want to be identified.
Some of the books were stamped "Friends of the Arlington Library," which is a volunteer outfit.

When asked why the volunteer group threw the books away, Jerry Hunt said they couldn't sell them.

All year, Friends of the Library collects books for its spring and fall sales. Last month, they offered 96,000 books for sale for 75 cents and up, but 40,000 didn't sell. Even after they were offered to teachers for free, thousands of the leftover books ended up back in a crowded warehouse, where the good books are sorted from the ones in bad shape.
Over the years, the group has raised over $300,000, which is enough to help put computer labs in every library branch. They can only send paperbacks to the recyclers, leaving old hardbacks as collateral damage.
“The book has received use during its life, but its life is now over," Hunt said while thumbing through one used book.
Some charities WFAA contacted said they would like to receive used books; Hunt said if they want some just give the group a call.