Lancaster to hold town hall meeting for those recovering from storm




Posted on April 27, 2012 at 11:54 PM

LANCASTER - It has been nearly a month since a tornado ripped through Debra Johnson's neighborhood in Lancaster.

For the homeowner, starting over hasn't been easy.

"Trying to find someone to trust, to rebuild - all the people come out and put stuff on your door and they are gone," Johnson said. "I'm left not knowing where to start."

Johnson is living in her damaged home with a check from her insurance company, but she has yet to make repairs. She is confused and scared.

"It's overwhelming," she said. "All your neighbors are gone, and you are stuck here, not knowing who to trust."

Others families are also struggling with temporary housing, contractors and insurance companies.

The city plans to take on these concerns next Thursday at a town hall meeting for the victims. They will also offer advice on resources and loans.

"Our message is, 'We are still here,'" said Lancaster City Manager Opal Mauldin Robertson. "It's our community. Don't hesitate to come down to the city, call the city to seek out information. We have individuals ready to assist."

Johnson will be at the meeting. She hopes to finally get the information to start rebuilding.

"Get guidance to see what needs to be done, to make sure I'm not making any mistakes," Johnson said. 

The town hall meeting is Thursday at the Senior Life Center at 240 Veterans Memorial Parkway. It starts at 6:30 p.m.