Classmates: McKinney student who made Facebook threat was bullied




Posted on October 23, 2012 at 9:55 AM

Updated Saturday, Nov 2 at 3:22 AM

McKinney Boyd High School

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McKINNEY — McKinney police arrested a juvenile Monday night after learning he published a Facebook post detailing how to carry out a mass shooting at McKinney Boyd High School.

Several students who know the boy say he is autistic and attended special education classes. They told News 8 he was often the victim of bullying and harassment.

News 8 was sent a copy of the posting by another student at the school.

"This is a dark thought i had....don't worry im not going to do anything (sic)," the message begins. "has anyone noticed how easy it would be to commit a school shooting at our school?"

Because of the student's age, News 8 has decided to not publish any identifying information. 

The comment goes on to discuss a detailed plan of killing the school's police officers, then killing students with guns and bombs in the ensuing chaos and traffic jam. It ends with the suspect saying he even "mapped out the entire school and how to do it."

The juvenile then later commented on the same post, going into even more detail and mapping out a timeline of the plan.

"but (sic) think about it, ok," the suspect wrote. "7 go find the police, say i need both their help in the band room, act like its a fight, walk in, shoot them both."

Devon and Dylan Thomas said the boy was always very sad. They believe it was because of how others treated him.

"He was in a couple of my classes, and people used to tease him, and he definitely got bullied a lot," Devon Thomas said.

The Thomas siblings said a few weeks ago, students beat up the boy after school in a campus parking lot. As Devon Thomas read the Facebook posts last night, he said his classmate's motives became clearer.

"The more I thought about it, the more I understood," he said. "He was bullied a lot."

McKinney Boyd Principal Rick McDaniel posted a message acknowledging the "threatening statements" Tuesday morning on McKinney Boyd's Facebook page, and said "such comments [...] will not be tolerated and the District will prosecute to the fullest extent that the law allows." The post was removed as of 4:30 p.m. Tuesday.

The boy's classmates said it's a shame it came to this, and it should serve as a wake up call to the community.

"It's been ongoing for a long time -- I think everyone's actually known it's been ongoing," Dylan Thomas said. "It's just kind of things that hey sat back and watched, and now it got to this point. It's unfortunate, and I wish it didn't happen."

A news release from McKinney police said the department was made aware of the posting at 8:40 p.m. Monday and took the suspect into custody from his residence at approximately 9:25 p.m.

McKinney Police Deputy Chief J.H. Ellenburg said "a threat against the safety and security of our schools will always be of the highest priority," and thanked all those who called the department with information.