Irving residents reflect on a shaky Saturday night.




Posted on September 30, 2012 at 10:00 PM

Updated Sunday, Sep 30 at 10:11 PM

Twin earthquakes

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IRVING — "I've never in my life felt anything like that before," said Wayne Ramsey, who lives just a few streets from what the US Geological Survey said was the epicenter of a 3.4 magnitude earthquake in Irving Saturday night.

People near Irving's Cardinal Village neighborhood were winding down their Saturday night when the earth below began to shimmy and shake.

"You couldn't see anything move... you just felt the rumble for two seconds," Ramsey said.

Hillary Alamene, 14,  had just gotten out of bed to get some cough drops when she heard and felt something unexpected.

"It felt like everything was just shaking sideways — not up-and-down — sideways," she said.

The  3.4 magnitude earthquake was centered, approximately, at the Rangel family home on New Haven Street between MacArthur Boulevard and Rochelle Road.

"I kinda got scared," admitted Immanuel Rangel, who was inside with his family. "I was sitting right here, and the couch just started shaking."

The Rangels suffered no damage, and Irving police reported no structural problems as a result of the quake.

Wayne Ramsey said it took a while to figure out what he had felt. "We just kind of got up and checked, put two and two together, and realized it was a small earthquake," he said.

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport is less than six miles away from the epicenter, and a spokesperson said they did a two-hour inspection of every building and runway, but discovered no cause for concern. There were also no flight delays as a result of the quake.

"It was kinda crazy," said Ramsey, who lives on Weathered Circle in Irving. They'd survived a lot of storms, but never an earthquake.

Now they've weathered that, too.