Investigation continues into pigs' blood in the Trinity River



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Posted on January 20, 2012 at 8:34 PM

Updated Friday, Jan 20 at 11:47 PM

DALLAS - City councilman Dwaine Caraway showed up with a van full of city officials to see exactly what's going on at Columbia Packing. He and others, including a Dallas Police Deputy Chief, were kicked off the property.
"They asked us to leave," Caraway said.
The councilman and local business owners say the 99-year-old meat packing plant has long been a concern in this community. Now, it's accused of dumping pig's blood into Cedar Creek, which feeds into the Trinity River.

The pictures released as part of a search warrant show what appears to be blood.
"To me, it should have been checked a long time ago, because I had an idea that something was going on with that," said local business owner Lemorris William. "You never see trucks come out that carry waste material."
In court documents, an investigator says that on Dec. 15, 2011, he heard swine cries that appeared to be coming from Columbia Packing. A few minutes later, the water volume increased and the water turned blood red.
"The concern has been here for a number of years," Caraway said. "The little squealing pigs and the not knowing exactly how they are disposing [...] is a grave concern."
Investigators say the company allegedly used a sewer pipe to dump the blood. Water tests later showed swine's blood and toxins in the water. Friday morning, the company had a sewer cleaning company on the property.
State Representative Barbara Mallory Caraway's office is right across the street. She said for years the smell of swine has been problem. She wants the plant shut down.
"I hope that we can see if it's a good use for the community and hopefully move it out of the community, quite frankly," Rep. Caraway said.
The company has been at the 11th street location for around 50 years.

The question is, how long this may have been going on and why city code or state inspectors never saw it?