Haltom City family narrowly escapes after home explodes




Posted on December 6, 2011 at 11:48 PM

Haltom City home explosion

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HALTOM CITY - A family of four narrowly escaped Tuesday night when part of their Haltom City home exploded, and now investigators are trying to find the cause of the explosion on the 4900 block of Orien Street.

"[It] just [blew] up," said the father, Jaime Diaz. "And the ceiling fell down, and the cabinets opened, the refrigerator."

The family said the natural gas furnace was on the side of the house that exploded.

Diaz was in the kitchen with his wife when the explosion occurred. She injured her wrist in the rush to get out.

"I [told] her run outside, run outside," Diaz said. "She fell over on the ice from the freezer-refrigerator."

Four-year-old Aidan Tavera was in his room when the roof collapsed.

"His whole head got burned from the sheet rock and the roof collapsing on him," his mother said. "They couldn't find him, but good thing that he's okay."

His father pulled him out.

"I'm speechless," said Jaime's daughter, Maggie Diaz. "I don't know how that happened. Now I'm looking at the house and like 'Whoa, what if they wouldn't have made it out. We're just blessed. It's a Christmas miracle, I guess."

Atmos Energy had investigators on the scene after the explosion, checking the ground for natural gas leaks. They said they would be checking other houses in the area, as well.

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