Good Samaritans rescue man from burning car in Johnson County

Good Samaritans

Credit: WFAA

Four neighbors along a rural Johnson County road sprinted into action after they heard a crash on FM 917... then saw the flames.



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Posted on July 16, 2014 at 5:11 PM

Updated Wednesday, Jul 16 at 5:14 PM

Fiery crash

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JOHNSON COUNTY — A man is in serious condition at a Fort Worth hospital after he was rescued from his burning car Tuesday evening in Johnson County.

It happened on the 9000 block of FM 917 after six o'clock, a time when most of the neighbors were home and getting ready for dinner.

“I was in my house, sitting on the couch, watching TV, said John Moore.

“I was coming back from the grocery store and I seen fire, so I decided to stop,” Misti Davis added.

“I was in my kitchen when I heard a boom,” Morgan Cockrell recalled.

Corey Davis saw it, too. “I looked out the window when I’d seen that there was a car over here, smoke coming out."

These citizens didn’t hesitate when they all heard a car run off the twisting road eight miles southeast of Burleson, race down an embankment and into a ditch.

One of the neighbors snapped a photo of the burning Buick, with the driver slumped over in front.

“I screamed in, ‘Are you okay? can you hear me?’ And there was no response,” Moore said.

“We picked up rocks from right there and started trying to bust out windows,” Davis said.

After several tries with fire and smoke swirling around them, it worked, and the group pulled the man out of the driver’s side, on to the ground, and eventually to a helicopter ambulance for the ride to a Fort Worth hospital.

“[He was] disoriented. He had some contusions to his head, but he was awake and responding with eye blinks," said Cockrell, who is CPR-certified. "He was breathing and had a pulse."

The man remains in serious condition at John Peter Smith Hospital. These Good Samaritans are praying he survives.

“It’s just something that’s going to stick with me until we know if that man’s going to be okay,” Davis said.

The neighborhood residents are also asking for more signs, a guard rail — anything on that part of FM 917 so they never have to revisit a similar tragedy.