Final weekend for popular thrill rides at Six Flags



Posted on September 1, 2012 at 6:56 PM

Updated Saturday, Sep 1 at 7:01 PM

ARLINGTON — It shoots roller coaster fans forward and backwards in seconds. But the ride is almost over for the Flashback at Six Flags Over Texas.

When the park closes after Labor Day, so will the Flashback.

On Saturday, the theme park held a special farewell for the boomerang-styled attraction. Coaster enthusiasts set out to ride the Flashback 12 times in a row.

That equals 24 "sprees" going back-and-forth (and upside-down) — one for each of the 23 years the Flashback has been open (plus one for good measure).

"I'm gonna miss it," said John Chen. "It's my fist boomerang coaster ever."

"I want one more time to feel sick to my stomach," Madonna Horcher said, adding that she feel queasy, but said it was worth it.

Of the 12 people who tried for the farewell journey, only five made it all the way through, and at least one guy threw up.

All 12 got a special pin and T-shirt to mark the Flashback Farewell.

Thrill-seekers are also saying farewell to the Texas Chute Out ride this weekend at Six Flags. A contest decided who will get to ride it first on Sunday.

The landmark parachute attraction has been open for 36, years, dropping 29 million people 200 feet. Six Flags plans to have something called the Texas SkyScreamer —  "the world's tallest swing ride" — in its place for the 2013 season.

The Texas Chute Out will be open all day Sunday and Labor Day, but when the park closes Monday night, so will the Texas Chute Out and the Flashback.