Fear lingers in Arlington neighborhood with unsolved murders




Posted on June 18, 2012 at 10:00 PM

Updated Monday, Jun 18 at 10:33 PM

ARLINGTON — Neighbors of the elderly Arlington couple murdered in their apartment one week ago are now arming themselves. Some are even threatening to move.

They say they are frightened, because there's been no arrest and no news of any potential leads.

"It's very scary. We don't sleep," said Susan Glodas, who lives around the corner from the apartment where husband and wife Huong Ly and Long Nguyen were killed.

"Some people have gone out and gotten guns," Glodas said, admitting that she bought a weapon last Thursday.

"It's not a very nice place to be right now," she added.

Glodas looks at a new purple hanging basket on her porch and a row of freshly-planted yellow flowers outside her door as a little bit of comfort amid deep concern.

It was Sunday, June 10 — just around a corner and a few doors down from her apartment — when police discovered Nguyen, 72, and his 63-year-old wife Ly had been killed in what family members described to Glodas as a brutal attack.

Faith Swanson lives in the complex, too. She's heard it was "a very violent crime" that "shouldn't have happened."

As recently as Friday — a full five days after the murders — the complex in the 3600 block of Waverly Drive was still a crime scene.

A detective was still canvassing the neighborhood on Monday.

The crime scene tape is now gone, but evidence of the detectives' work is not: Dust remains on the door from a search for fingerprints. It's also visible inside, on a refrigerator which is still decorated with a family photo.

"That could have been any one of us," said neighbor Danielle Wersen, choking back tears. "I mean these people were nice. They didn't deserve that."

The victims' family invited Wersen, Swanson and Glodas to the funeral, which was a three-day prayer service performed mostly in Vietnamese. While they didn't understand the language, it wasn't necessary to understand that the prayers were for justice... and for peace.

"This has just changed how I look at everything, and how I feel," said Glodas, who added she would move "in a heartbeat" if she had the money.

Swanson said she would move, too.

The purple basket on Glodas' porch came from her neighbors' beloved garden. Family members asked the neighbors to take all the flowers and plants they could, care for them, and keep them alive.

A $10,000 reward is being offered in this case. Anyone with information should call Arlington police Detective Byron Stewart at 817-459-5691 or Crime Stoppers at 817-469-8477.

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