Episcopal blessings create theological divide over same-sex unions




Posted on July 17, 2012 at 6:14 PM

Updated Tuesday, Jul 17 at 6:25 PM

FORT WORTH — St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church is at the center of another theological divide.

When the General Convention of the Episcopal Church authorized the blessing of same-sex unions last week in Indianapolis, the local church took out a series of half-page advertisements.

Sunday’s ad encouraged Episcopalians to “stand firm on the word of God in faith and morals.” Wednesday’s ad calls the blessings “false inclusivity and pluralism.”

Church rector Dr. William Dickson could not meet with News 8 because of scheduling conflicts. Instead, church member Rob Sell spoke on behalf of St. Andrew's. He was not part of the decision to place the ad, but said it speaks to Episcopalians who have reservations about the direction of the national church.

"We're not looking down our nose at anybody,” Sell said. “We simply want to adhere to classical, historic, Christian doctrine."

Across town, one of the churches that remained with the national group cheered the decision to bless same-sex unions.

Katie Sherrod was at the Episcopal General Convention last week. She and her bishop at St. Luke’s in the Meadow Episcopal Church voted to authorize the blessing of same-sex unions.

"We are as Christian as they are," Sherrod said. "We simply have interpreted scripture differently than they have."

There were eight days of discussions before the vote was taken, and there were emotional arguments made by gay and lesbian church members who sought the church’s blessing. The Fort Worth Diocese deputies unanimously voted to authorize the blessing.

"We're moving forward toward a church that buys into the fact that God loves you — all of you. No exceptions,” Sherrod said, adding the bishop would consider the blessings on a case-by-case basis.

A voting contingent from South Carolina walked out of the convention, but did not withdraw from the national organization.

St. Andrew's and several other local Episcopal churches left the general convention four years ago when they sensed a change in theology. There is an ongoing legal battle over church property that has yet to be decided. There are two, independent Fort Worth Dioceses operating with separate bishops.

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