Dog put in spotlight by former soldier's lie to be euthanized




Posted on August 11, 2011 at 10:55 PM

Updated Saturday, Aug 13 at 6:10 AM

FORT WORTH - There's now a final chapter in the story of a former United States soldier, his dog and the lie that made national news.

You may remember Steven Woods claimed he needed a pit bull as a service dog after being injured in Iraq. His claim raised thousands before News 8 uncovered the truth; Woods never served in Iraq, therefor he was never injured there.
As a result of the News 8 investigation, the money was returned. Thursday, however, that dog landed Woods back on the court's docket.
Woods claimed "Mimi" was his service dog. So, when she was accused of biting someone and declared a dangerous dog, some people were outraged. Now, however, someone else has been hurt, and Mimi's life will soon end.
Woods catapulted into the spotlight after Mimi was accused of biting an elderly man. Woods portrayed her as the beloved, docile pit bull, even though the court designated her a dangerous dog. Former neighbors worried she would attack again. In November, they were proven right.
Alisa Latimer, her husband and baby were charged by Mimi and Woods' other pit bull, "King," while walking down the street. Latimer's husband was injured fighting them off.
“I think you could classify King and Mimi as public enemy number one when it comes to dangerous dogs," said Brandon Bennett, director of Fort Worth’s Code Compliance.
Thursday, a judge agreed, ordering that both dogs be euthanized immediately.

“I’m real happy with the decision the judge made," Latimer said.
Woods, who once so publicly defended Mimi, did not show up for court and did not send an attorney.
“If they hadn't taken the dogs away from that man, it could have happened again," Latimer said.
“It's sad whenever we have to euthanize any animal," Bennett said. "But, most certainly in this case, these animals need to be euthanized to protect the public."
Woods could now be charged with a felony, held responsible for having a dangerous dog that hurt someone. The district attorney's office is expected to make that decision soon.