Dez Bryant's agent helps in DeSoto rescue



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Posted on September 2, 2010 at 7:51 PM

Updated Thursday, Sep 2 at 7:51 PM

DeSOTO — Two Dallas police officers, a little girl, and a woman were rescued after a their truck was hit head-on during Wednesday night’s rain storm.

The four were trapped in their truck and had to be rescued. I drove up on the accident scene and witnessed some of the rescue, capturing some of the unfolding events using the camera on my cell phone.

One of the heroes of the evening was David Wells, the mentor of Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant. Wells ran from his home near the accident scene at Pleasant Run Road and Longmeadow Drive after hearing a loud crash.

He found a truck flipped over with four people trapped inside. "I could see a little girl screaming," Wells said. "I kicked out the back window."

He helped the little girl, her father — who is a Dallas police officer — and another woman out of the truck.

But a second Dallas police officer was still trapped in the wreckage.

"They had to cut the top of the car out to get the officer out, because he had the seat belt wrapped around his arms, legs," Wells said. "They cut it off because of the way he was tied in."

DeSoto police said the victims' truck was hit head-on by a white van. The driver of that vehicle lost control because of the slick roads on Wednesday night.

Shortly after the rescue, Dez Bryant showed up to congratulate Wells.

"I am just going to call him 'super Dave," Bryant said. "He is one of those guys that do everything right... likes to help people, and pretty amazing for him to help the family like that."

Dallas police Officer James Swafford had to undergo surgery after the accident and was still in the hospital late Thursday afternoon.

Wells told me he doesn't want to be called a hero; he said he did what any one else would have done.