Sanders v. Sanders court drama continues



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Posted on May 4, 2012 at 6:02 PM

A judge was not happy that Deion Sanders continued to publicly talk about his divorce case so on Friday he told everyone, including witnesses, to stop talking about any aspect of the case or face sanctions.


A piano teacher who testified said Deion Sanders threatened her while she was in the courthouse. Thomas says Sanders told her, I’m going to get you.”


Lisa Thomas taught piano to the Sanders’ three kids for 9 years. She said she was in the couple's home when they got into a fight last week.


Reporters asked her if she felt threatened, “And you perceived that as a threat? Of course."

“It made me very scared," Thomas said.


Sanders and his attorneys said it never happened, but, he can't talk about it.

"I have a gag order so can't talk to you guys,” he said. “I really would like to."

Pilar Sanders' attorneys want him charged with witness tampering. They plan to ask for a grand jury to hear the evidence.


The judge said no one in this case can talk any longer about anything until he lifts the gag order. Deion only bantered with the media today.


"What is the word for the day? God is good."


Pilar Sanders left the courtroom with a bigger arm sling and said she is still in pain.


“She is strictly honoring the Judge’s gag order,” said Larry Friedman, Pilar’s attorney. “So she won't be speaking."


There was little testimony only the piano teacher and a maid.


The maid testified that both Pilar and Deion are good parents but both yell at the kids.


She also testified Pilar hit her oldest child with a belt a year ago.


“The child was hiding from her,” said Augusta Martinez, Sanders’ maid. “He was not listening. So, she hit him with a belt."


Testimony resumes on Monday.