Deion Sanders denies allegations that he attacked Prime Prep admin




Posted on October 10, 2013 at 1:12 PM

Updated Thursday, Oct 10 at 5:22 PM

DALLAS –– Former Dallas Cowboys star Deion Sanders said Thursday that he did not assault an administrator at Prime Prep Academy’s Dallas campus, but admits he got into a heated verbal argument during a staff meeting at the school he helped found.

Kevin Jefferson, 39, a top administrator at Prime Prep charter school, told Dallas police that during a faculty meeting Wednesday at 330 Ann Arbor Ave. in Dallas, Sanders “grabbed” him “by the collar” and “pushed him into the wall hurting the right side of his back,” according to a police report. 

Jefferson told police “he hit his left hip on the desk after the suspect [Sanders] released his collar,” the report states. Jefferson then told police that others in the room “stopped the altercation.” Jefferson told police he went to the hospital on his own afterward for soreness.

“Mr. Jefferson was not beat down,” Sanders said in a phone interview Thursday with WFAA.

“He was not beat up. He was not hit. He was none of that. Mr. Jefferson and I got into a confrontation about the welfare of these kids. And we’ll get into another one. Until you start taking care of these kids, I’m going to be on a rampage. Until we start serving these kids in Dallas like the kids are served in Fort Worth, and better, I’m going to be on the same rampage, because the teachers are frustrated. We’re frustrated.” 

Sanders added: “I didn’t manhandle him. I didn’t assault him. I went face-to-face with him. We had some real words.” He said there were multiple witnesses in the meeting.

Mr. Jefferson did not return calls by WFAA, but told The Dallas Morning News that Sanders ”just grabbed me by my throat and kind of threw me to the ground” during a meeting about academics at the charter school.

“I’m going to pursue my options with my attorney,” Jefferson told The News. “I just think it’s unacceptable in a professional environment particularly at a school for that kind of behavior to go on.” 

D.L. Wallace, Prime Prep’s president and executive director, said he could not comment on Wednesday’s uproar. “As it is a personnel matter, I’m not at liberty to make any comments,” he said.

WFAA has reported that since Wallace, with Sanders help, was awarded a charter by the State Board of Education in 2011 to establish a taxpayer-supported charter, Prime Prep Academy has been beset with problems. Prime Prep withdrew from state-sanctioned athletic play in its inaugural season last year amid allegations of improper athletic recruiting of basketball players.

State officials have expressed frustration over complaints of poor academics at the school’s two campuses, both of which earned subpar ratings in recent state accountability tests.

Recently, the NCAA opened an inquiry into the academics at the school.