Bridge opening leads to speeding on Dallas street




Posted on April 6, 2012 at 10:51 PM

Updated Saturday, Apr 7 at 8:54 AM

The Workroom

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DALLAS — When Nick Troilo stands in front of of his business on Singleton Boulevard in West Dallas, he sees trouble. The problem? Drivers speeding down the street, every day.

"I didn't want a freeway opening, and I think that's what Singleton has become now —   a freeway," said Troilo, who owns the Workroom, an art-home furnishings store. "Instead of a place where there's going to be shops and clubs and bars and restaurants and things like that."

More traffic started flowing on the street after the opening of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. The posted speed limit on Singleton is 30 miles per hour. News 8 spotted at least five speed-limit signs along the road, but it appears that some drivers are breaking the law.

Troilo pointed out several people driving more than 30 mph during his interview. He told us the problem is that between Beckley and Sylvan, there isn't anything to force drivers to slow down. The distance between Beckley and Sylvan is about half a mile.

"From there to Sylvan, it's the next light," said Troilo. "So now, it's like a speedway getting from the bridge to Sylvan."

Crossing Singleton is also a challenge.

Natalie Anton struggled to cross the road while holding her baby.

"We went halfway and waited in the turn lane for the other half of the traffic," Anton said. "I was a little bit nervous."

Troilo wants the city to put in crosswalks and more traffic lights. He also wants more police enforcement, sooner than later.

"I think they need to start monitoring the traffic before someone gets hurt or killed," Troilo said.

The City of Dallas told News 8 it will look at the speeding problem, and will ask Dallas police to step up enforcement.