Dallas bulldozes dozens of trees for Katy Trail construction



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Posted on April 11, 2012 at 5:55 PM

Updated Monday, Nov 25 at 11:46 AM

DALLAS — When you're a homeowner, every tree is precious.

But last Friday in East Dallas, dozens of mature trees were bulldozed to make way for the much anticipated extension of the Katy Trail.

And this was no small tree-trimming.

"I can't even imagine the cost of a tree this size," said resident Jackie West. "Seriously — how long do you think this tree has been living? Then they just knock it down so they can have a jogging trail."

All of the trees were on city-owned property.

One year ago, News 8 reported on Dallas' plan to cut the trees down. At the time, the city said it would replant the trees in the residents' yards.

"We don't really need permission, but we really want to work with the neighbors and say, 'Is it okay if we put these trees here?'" said Rick Galceran with Dallas Public Works.

"We have heard nothing since the last time I talked with you... mot one word from the city," West said. "We had no idea they were going to bulldoze the trees."

On Wednesday, the city told News 8 its contractors cut the trees sooner then it realized, and that it should have done a better job communicating with residents.

"I would expect they would replace the trees they knocked down and replace them," West said.

The city told News 8 its arborist has concluded the existing trees could not be saved, but it stands by its promise to replace what was lost, and will share those plans with residents as soon as Friday.

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