Dallas police ask for public's help in identifying threats



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Posted on September 9, 2011 at 9:36 PM

DALLAS - Police Chief David Brown said Dallas is an attractive target for terrorists.

"Just the downtown area is iconic," Brown said. "It represents really, what's good about America, and it is a very attractive city to try to [create] some type of incident."

Brown has been preparing for the anniversary of 9/11 for more than two months, but because of recent information about a possible truck bomb in Washington, D.C., or New York, Dallas is ramping up its plan.

"With the information in D.C. and in New York yesterday coming to light, we really have ramped up our security plans to include even more patrols, even more visibility," Brown said.

City officials have identified dozens of potential targets, including the city's water supply and airport.

Patrol officers will be out looking for suspicious people, but Brown said he is going to rely on the public to say something if they see something.

"So we can all be eyes and ears for each other," Brown said. "Observation awareness is probably the key message I would like to convey to the public."

The chief said the city also has contingency plans if the city loses power, cell phones go down or they have to evacuate. But he did stress that right now, there are no credible threats in the area.

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