Charges could come soon in fatal hit-and-run with tow truck




Posted on July 26, 2012 at 10:16 PM

Updated Thursday, Jul 26 at 11:10 PM

DALLAS - Juan Steele, 41, was running after a tow truck yelling, said his neighbors.

"I heard someone say,'Hey! Hey!'" Sandra Donaldson said. "He kept on saying it."

Steele's cries woke her up about 5:30 a.m. Thursday.

Donaldson came outside and watched Juan beat on the side of his car, which was being pulled off the property of the Oasis Apartments, where he'd only lived for a short time.

"That's the second time they got his car," Donaldson said. "They got his car four days ago. That's what made him run to get his car again."

Donaldson said Juan Steele kept yelling and then ran onto East Ledbetter Drive waving his arms. According to Donaldson and police, the tow truck ran over Steele and never stopped.

"The man kept right on going," Donaldson said. "He wasn't worried about the man in the road. He was worried about the car more than the man."

Police believe there was also a second driver who hit Steele after the tow truck, and that person left the scene as well.

Steele had a criminal record, but friends from his old neighborhood say he tried to keep them from making his mistakes.

"He would give me knowledge and let me know what's going on," said 26-year-old Coreyan Adams, who looked at Steele as a mentor. "He told me who to stay away from, that's why I stay to myself, so I don't get in no trouble."

Oasis Apartment residents claim Choice Towing, which has the contract to tow from their complex and others, is at work at the complex almost every morning.

"You can go into your house and park like one minute, and they got your car," Donaldson said.

Others told News 8 if you're parked slightly outside the lines, they will tow you.

It's unclear why Steele's vehicle was towed.

Police say they are working with witnesses to nail down a description of the second car and driver.

"Hopefully the drivers, whoever ran him over, they'll be punished, because it's not right," Adams said.