Bike-share program grant adds to good day for Fort Worth cyclists




Posted on July 23, 2012 at 6:36 PM

Updated Monday, Jul 23 at 6:52 PM

FORT WORTH - Monday promised to be a banner day for Fort Worth cyclists, even before The Fort Worth Transportation Authority (The T) announced they were awarded nearly $1 million in federal grant money to launch a bike-share program in the city.

The city was awarded a $941,741 grant to begin a program with 300 bikes and 30 stations located near transportation hubs.

“We are just really excited about receiving this grant as it will go a long way toward helping us pay for the capital costs to launch the project,” said The T’s President Dick Ruddell in a statement, “and we are also very appreciative of the support and funding partnerships within the Fort Worth community thus far who have committed to help us get it started.”

It was more good news for Fort Worth cyclists, as earlier Monday the city installed a bold, new green streak over one of its most-traveled bike lanes. The bright lane is supposed to warn drivers where they can merge or turn across a bike lane.

"Seeing the bright green kind of wakes you up and makes you think, 'I gotta be careful, I need look at that blind spot and be certain there is not a cyclist in my blind spot,'" said Fort Worth Mayor and avid cyclist Betsy Price.

Price is one of the biggest supporters of shared roadways and she hopes the green safety marker will increase drivers' awareness of cyclists on the road.

"The hope is with dedicated bike lanes or shared bike lanes, motorists and cyclists will know they are approaching an area where traffic is merging and where there is a potential for a turn," Price said.

The green swath, made of preformed thermoplastic, can be seen at 12th and Commerce Streets. Mayor Price said it's the first of its kind in North Texas, but how cyclists and drivers respond to it will determine if more will be added along Fort Worth's major intersections.