Benefit helps youngest victims of family tragedy




Posted on August 20, 2011 at 6:57 PM

Updated Saturday, Aug 20 at 7:00 PM

GRAND PRAIRIE — It has now been one month since that horrific rampage at a Grand Prairie roller skating rink.

On Saturday, the crime scene turned into a place of comfort, with dozens helping the grieving family, including two children left orphaned by the carnage at Forum Roller World.

It happened when police say Tan Do opened fire at his son's 11th birthday party, killing his wife, Trini Do, along with four other relatives,

Tan Do then took his own life.

The gunfire occurred in front of his two children, even as the 11-year-old boy reportedly begged his father to spare his mother.

Parents continue to book the Forum Roller World rink for birthday parties, but on Saturday, all the money went to the survivors of the shooting.

With much of the Do family now gone, people have been donating to a trust fund for the children.

On Saturday, a radio show host teamed up with the rink owner for the benefit, offering to donate all proceeds.

"It was a very tragic and unfortunate incident that happened, but the kids must continue to live their lives, said parent Ericka Wright. "Hopefully this benefit will help them."

The four other people who were wounded in the shooting are recovering, including the children's grandparents.

The Do youngsters are traumatized and are now living with surviving family members as they try to adjust to life without their parents.