Wise County family files lawsuit; claims drilling made them sick




Posted on March 9, 2011 at 11:40 AM

Updated Wednesday, Mar 9 at 5:56 PM

Ranch abandoned

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ALLISON, Texas — A Wise County family said they had no choice but to abandon their 40-acre ranch and home because the natural gas drilling around their property is making them sick.

The Parr family filed a lawsuit in Dallas County that alleged Aruba Petroleum and eight other natural gas companies were poisoning them with emissions, spills, and releases.

"My daughter was experiencing nose bleeds, rashes and there were some mornings she would wake up covered in blood... screaming and crying," said Lisa Parr.

Lisa Parr said her daughter Emma, 7, and her husband Bob are victims of the drilling at their ranch in Allison, about 15 miles west of Denton.

"As a mom who knows what these chemicals will do in the future," Parr said.

The family said two years ago — when 50 gas wells went up within a two-mile radius of their home — they noticed their health was affected.

That is why they said they filed the lawsuit against nine companies on Tuesday.

"The natural gas drilling has poisoned their drink, the air they breathe and the land on where they live," said Brad Gilde, Parr family attorney.

In the lawsuit, they claim pets and cattle were also injured.

"We can't live there any more without fear and without being sick," Parr said.

Several of the defendants in the lawsuit said they could not comment on pending litigation.

One defendant, Ryder Scott Co, LP, said they were wrongly named in the lawsuit. Ryder Scott officials said they are a consulting firm and not an oil and gas company.