Former Allen police officer acquitted on child abuse charge




Posted on October 24, 2012 at 10:49 AM

Updated Wednesday, Oct 24 at 3:48 PM

ALLEN - A former Allen police officer accused of physically abusing her son was acquitted by a judge Wednesday.

Court records show Cpl. Melissa Smith disciplined her then 11-year-old son by striking him on the face with her hand, on the head with a metal spoon and on the buttocks with a belt, leaving severe marks and bruises.

Smith was terminated from the Allen Police Department when she was indicted in the case.

The boy, now 14, testified he was a "handful" at home and school and never doubted his mother's love.

Smith testified in her own defense, telling the judge she disciplined her son for being disrespectful to her.  She said when she hit him on the face with an open hand he laughed. She then testified she got a belt and hit him with it over his boxers. 

"I would have never guessed it would cause those bruises," she said.

The case was heard by State District Judge Keith Dean, with no jury.

A Collin County grand jury no-billed Smith's husband, Allen police Officer Robert Darrin Smith on official oppression charges. He was accused of handcuffing the child, throwing him to the ground, placing him in a car and then taking him to the Allen Police Department.