Confession played in capital murder trial


by By SCOTT GOLDSTEIN / The Dallas Morning News

Posted on August 15, 2009 at 4:46 PM

Updated Friday, Oct 16 at 4:28 PM

After fatally shooting and robbing Daniel Barron inside an Oak Cliff drug house in December 2007, Terome Omar Richardson was outraged that all he got was $7 and some cocaine, according to testimony in his capital murder trial this week.

When authorities came to his apartment to arrest him weeks later, he was so determined to avoid capture that he hid under a pile of clothes in a closet, an arresting officer said.

But when a Dallas police homicide detective sat him down in an interrogation room and told him repeatedly to tell the truth, the 21-year-old grabbed the officer's hand and broke down crying.

"I just started shooting, and I didn't even know where I was shooting," he said in a January 2008 videotaped confession played during the trial Wednesday.

Richardson, now 22, is the first of six people - five men and one woman - to go to trial on capital murder charges in the killing. Prosecutors say Callie Marshall, 21, planned the robbery of the house where Barron sold drugs because she needed money to bail her boyfriend out of jail after he was arrested for assaulting her.

"She came to us," Richardson told veteran homicide Detective Ken Penrod. "I didn't want none of this to happen."

According to testimony, on the night of Dec. 15, 2007, Marshall got out of her Chevy Tahoe with an assault rifle ready to rob Barron with or without the five men in her vehicle. Richardson said he was concerned for her safety and went with her, carrying a handgun provided by another of the men.

"Callie was standing right there with the SKS" assault rifle, Richardson said. "I didn't want her to get killed."

Asked by Penrod if he was the only one who fired his gun at Barron, Richardson answered "Yes, sir."

Richardson's lawyer, Ed King, has argued that the killing was not planned. He also has raised the possibility that Marshall also fired at Barron, though physical evidence and testimony don't support that.

Barron was shot five times and pronounced dead at the scene. He lay dying as his killers searched the home in the 2200 block of South Polk Street, according to testimony.

Asked by Penrod if he said anything to Barron after shooting him, Richardson said yes.

"Daniel, I'm sorry, man," he said. "I didn't mean for this to happen."

In a jail interview with The Dallas Morning News weeks after the confession was taped, Richardson proclaimed his innocence and said he didn't know who killed Barron.

The prosecution rested its case Wednesday, and the defense declined to call any witnesses. Closing arguments are scheduled to begin this morning. Richardson faces an automatic life sentence if convicted of capital murder. King has indicated he will argue for a conviction of murder.