Death of Plano athlete 'a mystery'



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Posted on August 15, 2009 at 4:43 PM

Updated Friday, Oct 16 at 11:19 AM

Teen dies at school

Monika Diaz reports

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PLANO - He was a star athlete, described as larger than life.

At just 16, Zach Schrah was hoping to be a doctor.

But on Thursday, he collapsed at Plano East, working out with the football team.

His coaches worked to revive him before emergency crews stepped in.

"I wished I had more time to spend with him, I'd take his place anytime," said his granddad.

The pain is deep for his granddad.

Thursday, he lost his best friend.

"They had to try to revive him all the way back to the hospital," he said.

But Zach's blood pressure continued to drop, after collapsing at football practice for Plano East.

What happened is a mystery to Zach's family.

A recent physical indicated the 16-year-old was in tip top shape.

"It was heartbreaking, we don't know why he would go out of everybody," said his sister Sarah.

Sarah is exactly one year younger -- the two were great friends.

She went in her brother's room today in hope of feeling that closeness again.

"I found his old jersey and stuff. It was pretty bad," she said.

But what brings this family peace is that Zach passed with loved ones right there.

Friends and family circled up around him in prayer in those final moments.

"You're hoping he hears you, but you know he's not," said the boy's granddad.

"I can't believe it right now, I'm in shock. I don't believe that he's gone right now," his sister said.

Zach was a young man many considered a role model.

He was a star football player and the life of the party - gone - so fast.

"The good Lord has him. I know he's there. We're so proud of him," his granddad said.