Fit Mom 180: Easy and healthy lunch ideas




Posted on April 8, 2013 at 5:30 PM

Updated Monday, Apr 8 at 6:35 PM

FRISCO — When it comes to healthy eating, many people think "rabbit food."

But Market Street Chef Chris Wilson showed Sonya Johnson that low-calorie, healthy food can be delicious and easy.

Johnson is taking 180 days to get healthier. Cutting sodas and adding 15 minutes of daily exercise has already made a difference to her waistline, but she said lunchtime lacks variety.

Chef Wilson showed her five lunches, each under 300 calories a serving.

Turkey meatballs use just five ingredients: turkey, egg whites, pasta sauce, vegetable soup mix, and a surprising, high-fiber ingredient.

"Instead of bread crumbs, we're going to add oats," Wilson said.

It's low fat, but high in flavor.

"[They're] not a whole bunch of ingredients that I wouldn't use on a regular basis, and just really easy," Johnson said. "And my kids would enjoy them, too."

The chopped chicken feta salad and fruited chicken salad can be made with the same chicken, re purposed. Pre-sized containers allow just enough space for crackers and fruit, or crackers and veggies for the chicken, or low-fat deviled egg salad. And, heirloom tomatoes can be served with - or without - feta cheese and dressing.

"This will help me," Johnson said. "These are easy, quick. I can pack them real quick where it's not taking a whole bunch of time out of the day."