Irving day care gives baby breast milk from wrong bottle



Posted on April 19, 2010 at 5:58 PM

Updated Monday, Apr 19 at 7:44 PM

IRVING - A North Texas family said they were shocked to discover that a day care employee gave their baby the wrong bottle of milk, and inside was breast milk from another woman.

Bernard and Cindy Arranbidez said the day care refused to give them any information about the woman whose breast milk their child, Ella, consumed. Employees said they can't give up the name of the other mother without breaking laws protecting her privacy.

Ella's parents said their lack of background information on the woman has left them anxious, wondering if something bad from the other mother's body could now reside inside their little girl.

"She's the world to me, my first child," Mrs. Arranbidez said. "To put her in day care when I had to go back to work was difficult enough."

On the last day of Ella's first week at day care, Mrs. Arranbidez got a call that an employee fed her daughter someone else' breast milk.

"I know that HIV and even hepatitis can be spread through breast milk," Mrs. Arranbidez said.

The mother rushed to the Irving KinderCare and started asking questions about the health of the other mother. Instead of answers, she was offered a refund.

"I mean, they exposed my daughter to someone else's breast milk," Mrs. Arranbidez said.

KinderCare told WFAA they suspended the teacher responsible.

"With health regulations, we can't disclose medical information," the day care said in a statement. "But, we have put the pediatricians in contract with each other."

The doctors can legally share health information. However, Ella's parents said they have yet to receive any information to ease their worries.

"It doesn't leave a good impression of any day care for me," Mr. Arranbidez said. "I don't know where to turn with this."

Mrs. Arranbidez said while she is fearful of putting her child back in someone else's care, she needs to work.

"I just have to tell myself she's going to be okay, because if not, I would just be worrying 24-seven," she said.

The doctors are talking, but the Arranbidez family said the blood test they were sent is not current and they aren't sure they will be able to get a fresh one. The doctor said its will take six weeks before any possible complications show up.