Great-granddaughter of Zig Ziglar fights brain cancer




Posted on February 28, 2012 at 6:25 PM

Updated Tuesday, Feb 28 at 8:30 PM

At just two years old, Phoebe Fair is doing battle with an opponent no one wants to face: Cancer.

"She's just our precious gift," said Phoebe's mom, Amey Fair.

Doctors removed a tumor the size of a baseball from Phoebe's brain in January.

"She would say, 'Daddy, my noggin hurts, my noggin hurts,'" her father, Nathan Fair, said.

Phoebe, the great-granddaughter of motivational speaker Zig Ziglar, is in her fifth round of 52 weeks of chemotherapy to try to stop the aggressive form of brain cancer.

"She's heavily sedated," Amey Fair said. "She's on a ventilator."

The Fairs, who are missionaries, say their strong faith in God and Ziglar's positive influence has helped them deal with the diagnosis.

"We still have Phoebe for this time, and so we are just going to trust this day and that He is going to be there for us, and we are going to walk through each hurdle, one day at a time," Amey Fair said.

"Every parent thinks their kid is special," Nathan Fair added. "[But] there really is something special about Phoebe."

His daughter's journey, chronicled on the Caring Bridge Web site, has drawn support, prayers and well-wishes from thousands, including Hollywood movie producers, who are holding a premiere fundraiser for the movie "Deadline" Tuesday night in Phoebe's honor.

"[They're] an amazing family, who have a beautiful two-year-old girl who is in the fight of her life, and said we just have to do this," said "Deadline" director Curtis Hahn.

"[We're] blessed and just really encouraged that so many many people are thinking about her, and about us, and we are not alone," Nathan Fair said.