Halloween on a budget

Trick or treat? Either way, don't throw down a ton of cash to have a blast this Halloween

Here comes the holiday that requires an absolutely ridiculous outfit, over the top decorations and party treats...but that doesn't mean you have to throw down some serious cash to participate. 

Help is here! Whether you're throwing a party, decorating the house or just dressing up-- we've got budget friendly options to help you participate.


DIP: Spinach dip anyone? How awesome is this? All you need is a dip and crackers of your choice and a baby pumpkin

CARAMEL APPLES: It's not Halloween without some caramel apples. If your mouth isn't watering just looking at these, you're crazy! 

CANDY CORN JELLO: So cool...IF you're a candy corn fan. Otherwise, keep clicking through! 

DONUTS: So simple! Grab some glazes donuts, fake teeth and some edible eyes. This is a quick last minute treat that's perfect for your coworkers or kids' school

STRAWBERRY GHOSTS: White chocolate, strawberries and a bit of black icing gel and you’ve got yourself an easy dessert


SKULL CANDLE HOLDER: It's crazy what a bit of spray paint can do

BOO DOOR KNOCKER: Instead of buying a door decoration, why not make one?

MUMMY MASON JAR: A few mason jars, some gauze and googly eyes! All items you can grab at the dollar store 

GHOST POPS: No joke, these cuties will take you less than 5 minutes to make! Chances are, you have all of these supplies around your house already

TIE-DYE PUMPKINS: Melted crayons never looked so pretty! 


For the kids: 

PUMPKIN: Simplify this concept...grab an orange shirt and some black and green felt and you're good to go! Click here for template instructions


FRUIT CAPE: Can you say adorable?!


TMNT: A bit of Mod Podge, some ribbon, hot glue and a foil turkey pan is all you need to create this look!


PAINTER: Have a little painter on your hands? This is by far one of the easiest costumes to put together. All you'll need is an apron, a bit of acrylic paint and a beret. Make the painter's palette by cutting a pattern through some cardboard and voila!


BABY LION: Use clothes you find in your kiddo's closet, the only thing you'll to actually buy is some faux fur from the craft store

For adults:


WALDO: You can never go wrong with this classic. Grab you and your partner a red striped shirt, a beanie and some glasses and you're ready to go! 


HULK: Green paint. Lots of green paint. And really any color pants would do, which you can find for cheap at any thrift store


GRAPES: C'mon, what could be easier? Purple balloons and you're set!

CANDY BARS: Yum! This could be a solo costume or a partner, whichever you prefer

SNOW WHITE: So easy! All you'll need is a yellow skirt, white blouse and blue short sleeved sweater


If you're taking a more creative approach and you need some makeup inspiration, check out these amazing tutorials that will leave people wondering how you created these looks.

Oh Deer! 

Alisha Ebrahimji took a trip to Dear Clark Hair Studio to put this look to the test. Special thanks to makeup artist, Bria Haworth for walking us through this tutorial:

Smokey Skull:


Testing any of these out? Have a few DIYs of your own you'd like to share? Email us, we may just add yours to the guide!

Looking for events to get you in the spirit? Check out some of these "haunted spots" around North Texas. Or if that's not your thing, check out the family friend pumpkin patches around town.


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