Haitian orphan welcomed by new parents in Parker County



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Posted on January 21, 2010 at 7:41 PM

Updated Friday, Jan 22 at 12:01 PM

WEATHERFORD — The rush to get Haitian orphans out of that desperate and starving country landed three children in North Texas on Thursday. They were among 11 kids who were plucked out of one orphanage west of Port-au-Prince this week.  

John and Christi Barnes thought it would take at least three more years before they could bring home the daughter they were in the process of adopting.   But on Tuesday, they got a call alerting them it could happen at any time.  

Then on Wednesday came another call.  Two-year-old Eva had been put on an U.S. Air Force plane and flown to Miami.  She was then transported to Oklahoma City, where the Barnes picked her up. 

The family is now together in Weatherford.   Children and adults swarmed Eva Thursday afternoon as her new mom carried her into Trinity Bible Church in Willow Park, where John is youth pastor.   The church has sent missionaries to Haiti for several years.  

John and Christi Barnes already have an eight-year old biological daughter and a two-year-old adopted son.  But they say that saving a child from one of the worst calamities in memory is one of the best gifts they could give a child.  

They say it will help them teach all their children that they can change the world.  

Little Eva already is having an impact.    Church officials say about six other families in the congregation are now considering adopting an orphan from Haiti. 

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