Family sees video of injured HPUMC volunteer in Haiti



Posted on January 14, 2010 at 9:47 PM

DALLAS ― No one knew how seriously one of the team members from Highland Park United Methodist Church had been hurt because communication from Haiti is so bad.

David Arnwine hasn't spoken with his wife, Jean, since the earthquake struck Haiti.

"The latest word now is they're on a French plane to Martinique," he said.

He has has only heard rumors that she's hurt too.

News 8 found video, accidentally, while pouring over hours of random footage taken of the Haiti earthquake damage.

David Arnwine braced himself to see how badly when he viewed the video taken inside a makeshift hospital tent near the Port-au-Prince airport.

In it, Jean Arnwine was being fanned by Dr. Gary Fish, one of the eye doctor's on the mission, while she was laying on a stretcher.

"And our clinic building was collapsed,” Fish said in the recording. “Concrete building, concrete roof and it injured five of us. Some of us more severely than others. (Jean Arnwine) is the most severe."

"She looks like she's in pain, but looks like she knows what's going on," David Arnwine said.

Jean Arnwine has sufferred internal injuries. No one knows what, specifically, but David said her belly is clearly swollen. He feels sure she will need surgery.

"With injuries undiagnosed, how long does she lay there?” he asked. “You know that's the biggest issue at this point is getting treatment."

On Thursday afternoon, Jean Arnwine and a colleague on the trip were said to be enroute to the island of Martinique, but that's not certain until it's confirmed that she has landed.

Three others in the group are still in Haiti, two are in the Dominican Republic where a chartered plane is enroute to pick them up and five are back in the states.