Young girl uses first-hand experience to pen book about brain surgery



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Posted on July 26, 2012 at 10:46 PM

Updated Thursday, Jul 26 at 11:18 PM

FORT WORTH - Ten years after undergoing ground-breaking surgery to cure her epilepsy, 11-year-old Katie Siburt returned to Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth to deliver a special gift.

Siburt and her mom, Sarah, put together a book; it chronicles the little girl’s journey through its main character, a dog named Millie.

“I think it's really good,” said Katie, who hasn’t had a seizure since doctors removed a part of her brain a decade ago.

Katie’s mom said she hopes children and their parents “can read it and realize there are people out there who know what they're going through."

The book features a dog that plays softball, just like Katie, and has to undergo brain surgery. Titled “Outta Here," the book is meant to encourage readers at a time when things can seem so uncertain.

“When you're told there's something wrong with your child, all you want is to have it fixed right then," Sarah Siburt said.

She felt helpless and out of control when her daughter would experience seizures.

“You just hope and pray that a miracle would happen," the mother said.

She hopes the book will give readers the hope she clung to.

Katie drew the pictures and lived the life of its main character, who at the end, hits a home run. Just like Katie has done in her own life, enduring struggles, yet still growing as a kid.

Today, she stands poised to encourage others, just like her.