Alligator's death under investigation in Fort Worth



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Posted on May 15, 2012 at 6:13 PM

Updated Sunday, Nov 10 at 11:39 PM

FORT WORTH — Game wardens from Texas Parks and Wildlife are investigating the killing of a alligator found in the Trinity River in Fort Worth.

It is legal to hunt the reptiles, but not on public land. It's estimated there are about three dozen gators  in the area which has long been their home.

Alligators generally avoid people, but it is not uncommon to see one out here.

"As far as seeing an alligator, it's no different than seeing a deer," said Rob Denkhouse, director of the nearby Fort Worth Nature Center.

He said he's withholding an opinion on what happened to this gator until the investigation concludes.

"Just like any other animal, it has a life span, and until I have all the facts on that specific incident, I really don't have an opinion —  other than, it's dead," Denkhouse said.

Texas Parks and Wildlife said the 11'-3" gator was found in the Trinity River between Lake Worth and Eagle Mountain Lake.

The gator's tail looks like it has been chewed up by a boat propeller.