Run, Xiaosa, run! Stray dog inspires long-distance cyclists in Tibet



Posted on May 27, 2012 at 10:46 PM

Updated Monday, May 28 at 3:11 AM

TIBET — A stray dog nicknamed "Xiaosa" following cyclists to run 1,700 kilometers along Sichuan-Tibet Highway gave encouragement to the cyclists all the way to Tibet and moved netizens.

On May 4, Xiao Yong with his cyclist friends came across a stray dog which was basking in the sun and threw a drumstick to the dog. To their surprise, the homeless dog followed them all the way thereafter.

"At first we didn't consider keeping it and thought he just wanted to follow us for a while. But it showed a very strong willpower and followed us all the way here," said Xiao Yong.

Xiaosa never fell behind and often put its paws on his new master's legs to encourage him to insist on. Xiao Yong decided to pick the dog up and opened a blog named "GOGO" to broadcast Xiaosa's journey, which has about 40,000 fans now.

In the whole 1,700-kilometer journey from Ya'an, Sichuan Province, to Lhasa, the brave dog climbed over about 10 mountains higher than 4,000 meters and other two over 5,000 meters and experienced a variety of inclement weather. During the 20-day trip, Xiaosa ran 50 to 60 kilometers every day and never fell behind.

Xiaosa's story moved a lot of net friends who called it a "a dog with super ideal" and compared its never-give-up spirit with Forrest Gump in an American epic comedy-drama romance film. Netizens left messages to cheer up for the gallant dog.

Xiao Yong said there were about 300 cyclists on highway 318, but most of them could not ride to the end but hitchhiked buses halfway. However, Xiaosa with another three cyclists make it.

"The dog is very important to us. It bought us a lot of fun and also gave us a lot of encouragement. For example, when some of us fell behind, it would run down the mountain to call him to follow. It really gave us great strength," said Lu Bo, a cyclist.

Xisa's new master said he would take the homeless dog back to his hometown and provided him a shelter.

"Xisa's perseverance moved us a lot. With his encouragement we finally reached the Potala Palace. Now we are very excited and very moved. We're going to bring it back as it has taken me as a master," said Xiao Yong.

Xiao Yong plans to take the dog to go to Yunnan Province from Tibet. With a dream as the direction, he hopes the dog can run all the way like Forrest Gump.