Dallas gas station's white buffalo moved to secret new location




Posted on February 24, 2013 at 7:54 PM

Updated Wednesday, Dec 4 at 10:40 PM

DALLAS — Remember that pregnant white buffalo everybody's been talking about? Well, Lone Star is no longer a guest at the ranch behind Fuel City in downtown Dallas.

The owner of the gas station caved to pressure after critics asserted that he was exploiting a rare, sacred animal.

People gathered to watch the removal of the controversial animal on Sunday morning, along with as well as several members of the Native American community. Yolanda Blue Horse was one of them.

“Our ancestors fought and died for this, and we're still here today trying to hang on to what little we have”, she said. “Our buffaloes will not to be made into a side show or a carnival or public viewing."

Blue Horse successfully convinced the owner of Fuel City, to move Lone Star away from the fenced, eight-acre lot on South Riverfront Boulevard to an unnamed private sanctuary.

Blue Horse said Lone Star's white coat gives her the appearance of being sacred, but the coat of this animal is only white because it was genetically engineered.

Blue Horse acknowledges that, but says the buffalo still doesn't belong at Fuel City.

“You don't see churches within feet of somebody selling alcohol," she said. "Our religion and our spirituality should be just as respected as Christianity or any other religion; it’s our belief, it’s our way of life."

Dallas Attorney Eric Reed, also a Choctaw native, said Fuel City had no idea that it was offending Native Americans when it acquired Lone Star. The owner said he simply wanted something beautiful to display to his patrons.

“To see an animal used for commercial exploitation is offensive," Reed said.

The dialog among the three fueled a change of heart.