Plano piano teacher recovering after dog attack

Margaret Brothers

Credit: WFAA / YouTube

Classically-trained pianist Margaret Brothers was mauled by one of her bulldogs at her Plano home on Saturday night.




Posted on July 15, 2012 at 8:48 AM

Updated Sunday, Jul 15 at 7:41 PM

Woman mauled

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PLANO — For years, a quiet Plano home owned by classical pianist Margaret Brothers has been a venue for keyboard lessons. On Saturday night, the 70-year-old woman was severely injured after being attacked by one of her three American bulldogs.

Roommate Sherry Foster, who moved into Brothers' home in the 2000 block of Cumberland Trail a month ago, said the Julliard-trained pianist had three American bulldogs which she kept inside her bedroom at times.

Foster said the dogs — each about 70 pounds — barked constantly, but on Saturday night, it was different.

"When I was calling her, I heard the dog bark," Foster recalled, noting that she thought it was odd that the door between her and the dogs was now open, when it's typically shut.

In a panic, Foster ran upstairs to call 911. "That bark was real clear, and I was hauling butt to the stairs," she said.

Foster said she did not recognize the severity of the situation until Brothers walked out of her bedroom.

"I just could not believe what I was seeing." Foster said. "It was bad ... I saw the blood on her head. I saw her wrapped, she was dripping everywhere."

A Plano police officer who arrived to help was also attacked by one of the dogs. Police said they had no choice but to shoot and kill it. The other two bulldogs were taken to animal control.

Diane Brothers Story said her mother has had the three bulldogs since 2009 when they were puppies, adding this is the first time anything like this has happened.

Story said the family supports the officer's decision to open fire on the dog.

Foster said she hopes other pet owners will take notice.

"When a dog crosses the line of being a pet, being able to socialize, and being pet, they're monsters," she said.  "I had no idea these dogs were this dangerous."

Animal control has placed the surviving dogs under quarantine. Story told News 8 she expects both to be returned to her mother, since they showed no aggressive behavior.

Margaret Brothers is recovering from surgery at Medical Center of Plano, and will likely need the aid of a plastic surgeon for her injuries, but she is expected to fully recover and should be able to play the piano again.

"She is the most amazing woman I have known my entire life, and she is doing extremely well," Story said.