Pit bull attack leaves Fort Worth woman injured, afraid




Posted on September 20, 2010 at 8:53 PM

FORT WORTH — A Fort Worth woman is recovering after two pit bulls attacked her in her own backyard.

Now Ginger Ripper doesn't feel safe. She said the bites did more than leave her bruised and bleeding; the emotional scars are worse.

She had been checking her home's air conditioning unit when, she said, two pit bulls chewed through the fence, knocked her down, and started biting.

"I just remember turning around and seeing them, and they had their teeth drawn," Ripper said. "They were mad. They wanted to kill me."

She was bitten from head to toe - and is now on high dose antibiotics. "Scared me. Scared me to death," Ripper said.

Usually the dogs are locked inside her neighbor's chain link pen, but on Sunday afternoon they were running free.

The neighbor did not return calls or answer the door, but News 8 did observe some minor repairs to the fence.

"They chewed through the fence," Ripper said, visibly nervous standing in her backyard. "They can eat through the fences, so I don't even feel safe."

Ripper now insists that her children play out front until she knows the dogs are gone forever.

"I have three kids, and they usually follow me out there," she said. "Thank God they weren't outside, because that would have been it."

Fort Worth Animal Control has quarantined the pit bulls, but right now, Ginger Ripper is the one who feels like a prisoner in her own house.

Once the dogs are cleared from quarantine, the owner could face hefty fines and fees. In Fort Worth, a dangerous dog license is $500 per year, plus the added costs of building a permanent and secure enclosure.

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